1 July 2016

Reviewing procedure

The procedure for reviewing texts published in the semi-annual journal „Relacje. Studia z Nauk Społecznych” (“Relations. Studies in Social Sciences”) complies with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

  • Only the texts which meet the requirements set out in the “Information for Authors” are admitted to a review.
  • Each text is reviewed by two independent external reviewers.
  • Reviewers are selected in that way to guarantee the reliability of the review.
  • Reviewing is done as a “double-blind review process”. The reviewers and the author do not know their identities.
  • In the case of divergent or ambiguous reviews the editors may appoint a third reviewer.
  • The list of reviewers is updated annually and placed on the website of the journal.
  • The identity of the reviewers of each journal edition is not disclosed.
  • The reviewers are selected according to the principle of “no conflict of interests” between the author and the reviewer (i.e. they must not be in close personal or professional relationships or have not collaborated for two years before the review).
  • The review shall be made in writing, it can be sent to the editor by e-mail.
  • The reviewer may approve the text for publication provided the author has amended it  according to the reviewer’s comments

Review form: